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Nothing beats clean crisp sheets and fresh, soft clothes.

Our Laundry

Washboard Coin Laundry
is now open for business. 
A modern, efficient laundry service, taking the chore out of washing, as easy as loading up, having a sit down and unloading dried, fresh clothes.
6am to 11pm 365 days a year
Our Dexter machines are that efficient they will wash in as little as 23 minutes.  Or you can wash and dry your clothes in less than an hour.
We have 6 x 9kg washers, 2 x 13.6kg washers, 2 x 18.1kg washers and 12 x 13.6kg capacity dryers
Free WiFi
Help pass the time and relax, knock out those emails, chat with a friend on social networks or just have a browse.

Large Loads
We have a huge 18.1Kg machine to handle the largest loads like Doonas, bed spreads, sleeping bags, minki blankets, or simply the largest family wash.


More Laundry


Dexter are world renowned for quality operation, reliability.  Our front loaders use significantly less water and energy and our dryers have a reputation for delivering maximum energy efficiency.
Our self-service laundry’s offer a modern, safe, clean and comfortable environment.
Pet Care
For public health reasons we have an approved washer and dryer for pet bedding, coats, horse rugs etc.
For all cat and dog supplies, do-it-yourself dog wash and professional grooming visit laundrymutt at 419 Bridge Road Richmond:



Commercial laundry service for:

B&B’s, hostels, hotels motels, restaurants, cafes, hairdressing salons, barbers, day spas, pet care stores.

Are you on a budget? Then DIY. We offer discounts for bulk DIY loads & you claim the GST and our Dexter machines are fast and efficient, helping you save your valuable time and money.

Is your time valuable? Then let us do it for you!
If you already have your own we can provide quality laundry services. Commercially cleaned to industry standards. Or we can provide high quality product on our exchange service. Tea towels-food wipers-polish cloths-wet area mats-salon towels-day spa towels Pickup and delivery service.

You can be sure that your items will be treated with care and will look and smell fresh and clean and be lint free.