About Us

Washboard Coin Laundry
Dexter Machines are world renowned for their quality operation, reliability and stylish stainless steel design. Their environmentally friendly qualities are extremely important to us.  Dexter front loaders use significantly less water and energy, and the Dexter dryers have the reputation for delivering maximum energy efficiency.

Whether you are single, a couple, a tradie , a professional, or a family, your time is valuable! Are you struggling to fit everything into your busy schedule? Typically you have two days a week to catch up on your chores leaving less time to pursue your dreams. Restore balance to your life and enjoy your free time.  Washboard Coin Laundry’s provide you with the most effective and enjoyable time management tools you’re ever likely to find.  
We embrace technology and innovation to make your laundry experience easy, safe and reliable.  We strive to ensure our self service laundries offer fast, easy and a comfortable, fresh, clean environment.

Whether you have kids, dealing with sports uniforms, sickness in the family, work uniforms, bedding, or come home from a precious weekend away, we have machines that can do your weekly wash in one load. Do your laundry anytime between 6am and 11pm 365 days a year, and you’ll be on your way in under an hour with your fresh, clean, crisp laundry.

Relax while our machines do the work, put your feet up, read a book you’ve been meaning to get to,  surf the web, knock out those emails, make some calls, be social, or slip out for a quiet coffee. 

Visit us and enjoy a laundry experience with a difference.